Dear Colleagues,

Today there are some diseases which cannot be treated completely by the current methods of modern medicine. It is deemed that definite cure for such diseases can be provided by regenerative medicine which restores or repairs biological functions in damaged cells, tissues and organs.

Stem cells are pivotal biological elements of this process. In recent years, many reports have been published with regards to preclinical research and clinical trials in this area. A lot of centers conducting R&D studies on stem cells have commenced their activities in Turkey and many more are being established.

In this regard, we are organizing “Istinye University Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Symposium with International Participation’’ with the association of Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies Foundation to be held between 27–28 February 2021, which will provide a platform for communication and discussion. This online symposium will be composed of lectures by basic and clinical scientists who have been contributing greatly to the science on this issue and workshops for young researchers who are working or interested in Tissue engineering applications of 3D bioprinting, and CRISPR based Gene Therapies. In parallel to these lectures of national and international invited speakers, there will also be poster presentations.

We will be honored and hope to see you among us during "Istinye University Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Symposium with International Participation".


Prof. Erdal Karaöz
On behalf of the Congress Organizing Board
Congress President